Hi-Tech in Adhesives
 Químicas SANZ, S.L.:  Adhesives and chemical products.
 40 years of accumulated experience in the adhesives world. 
A wide range of products for diferent sectors:
shoe and leather industry, building, furniture, decoration, wood work, car industry...
 Adhesives by contact 
Adhesives of polyurethane 
 Unilateral adhesives 
Adhesives by water dispersion
Hot melt adhesives
Cyanoacrylate adhesives 
Mastic silicone
Self-expanding foam
HI-TECH adhesives for high performance products.
 QS-ADHESIVES... Ready to stick everyting !
 Químicas Sanz offers you its TECHNICAL DEPARTAMENT
in orther to develop the adhesive that you require.

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(Polg. Industrial Vizcarra, nave 4)
03290 ELCHE
P.O. Box: 1635
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